Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summer Camp

Did I create a lot of art this summer? No, no I did not, but that doesn't mean I wasn't creative. I worked at an all girls summer camp for 9 weeks as a camp counselor and a drama instructor. I learned some quick skills on the fly like this stage makeup business and making myself look like I really got stabbed by nature. I also taught improve acting which I love, and singing... um... there's a reason I am a visual artist and not a musician, but we all got through it unharmed. It was quite the experience.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Art Classroom

I think of my entire classroom as a work of art. I am the interior decorator to the art room. When I first got my classroom two years ago it was in shambles. I did some wall painting and major organization. In the first year I had little storage space and a weird layout, but at least it looked pretty decent. By my second year I multiplied my storage and table space and got some new student tables that I grouped in the middle. It's a little tight when I have many students in the room, but it is WAY better this year. There is more usable space and storage these days. Of course, I will always wish for more space, but I do what I can. I'm lucky I have a lot of freedom to make it into what I want. 

This is my second year arrangement ^

This is my first year arrangement ^ 

This is what I what I started with ^

Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Be a Successful Art Teacher

One of the first projects I taught in the film making class was to make a how-to video. I was very surprised that none of the students have made or posted videos like this. In the age of technology I feel like every high school student does this, but maybe it's all about the snapchats and instagrams these days. Anyway, this was my example to show them. It also shows off how amazing and successful I am. 

Ball Transform GIF

I had my digital art students make GIFs using photoshop. They picked it up surprisingly well. The assignment was to make a ball bounce and transform into something else. I made this quick example during class when I was explaining the assignment. He's a happy little orange thing. Of course I had to explain squash and stretch concepts too.

These are a few of the student examples I very much enjoyed. Everyone is unique on their interpretation of the project. Go to to see more student art.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Watercolor Layering Samples

Hey look! Watercolor painting. These were some quick examples to show students the layering process. Still life art isn't usually my jam anymore, I like idea creation and storytelling better, but it's nice to know that I can still whip out some still life examples when I need them. 

Go to to see more student art.

Half Skull Portrait

I had my intro students make half skull portraits and I could not resist making my own. I love colored pencils and I have not done any of my own art with them for a couple years. I must say, I still got it. I am pleased with how this picture turned out. My students made some nice ones also.

Go to to see more student art.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Comicology 101

I had the pleasure of teaching a comics class last year. It's always fun to see what they students create, but I also enjoyed creating along with them. My favorite two lessons were the "Day in the life of..."one page comic and the celebrity villain and hero comic book cover. I had a pretty good time making these examples.

Go to to see more student art.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Coil Baby

I have always enjoyed ceramics when given the chance. One project in particular that has followed me everywhere is my creepy coil baby. He was a project example while student teaching at Moorhead High School. He hangs out in my art room and watches the art being made. Sometimes he judges you and other times he simply observes. I am sad we do not have availability to clay and equipment at ERATS. My baby will have to stay an only child for the time being.